EdiPrompt has been a game-changer in our ADR & Foley rooms. This blows away any streamer/wipe hardware box we’ve ever used. Our foley artists are freelance and work in many studios around town. They have stated on many occasions that this work-flow is far superior to anything else they have worked with and are even demanding this work-flow gets implemented into other local studios due to its ease of use, speed and efficiency!

In ADR, the ability to allow our talent to choose their optimal cueing system (audio beeps or wipes, colour selection, etc) make this a vastly superior system. In both work-flows the engineer has the ability to quickly change streamer colours and thickness to provide contrast for the artist in overly bright and dark scenes, all without adding an additional hardware box that will inevitably become a failure point!! Brilliant.

EdiPrompt is definitely the most simplistic way to get streamers/wipes on an HD video output, as traditional hardware boxes use SD composite video lines to get the job done.

Devlin Ford - Technical Engineer

Technicolor Creative Services – Toronto.

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