I have used EdiLoad exclusively on all my recent film & TV projects including: 'Montana', 'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa', 'Plastic', and 'Endeavour'. I simply would not consider cutting dialogue nowadays on any scale project without EdiLoad in my arsenal. It is easily my most used & versatile program alongside Pro Tools (besides EdiCue).

I begin every project the same way now, generating clean workable EDLs via EdiLoads powerful & logical batch edit features. Here I can clean (remove all duplicate events) & combine multiple EDLs across tracks & reels into one simple EDL - regardless of EDL format event limit. This creates clean conform reference tracks that allow me to either globally or clip-by-clip conform the multi-track ISOs inside Pro Tools - without de-multiplexing or needing to copying any location sound media. It also helps me create succinct picture & scene cut guide tracks - invaluable in identifying alternate takes used in the AAF, aiding fast scene transitions & sharing with the rest of the sound team.

When it comes to picture recuts, having EdiTrace's web engine directly inside of EdiLoad version 3 means a complete & integrated re-conforming system. I highly recommend EdiLoad to all dialogue editors, effects editors needing to handle mass re-conforms & sound supervisors.

Michael Wabro AMPS - Supervising Sound Editor: Audioinsight Limited

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