Having beta-tested more hardware and software than I'd care to recall, I am wary of the terms "groundbreaking", "game-changing", or "revolutionary". EdiLoad's Assembly window, however, can truly make claim to being a leading-edge update to an already invaluable application in our array of Must Have audio post-production tools.

Building on EdiLoad's successful goal of streamlining multiple, tedious, time-consuming steps involved in crafting an accurate dialog assembly, EdiLoad's v5 Assembly window uses the program's existing drag-and-drop "clean" EDLs and dailies ALE data to generate a fully-built Pro Tools dialog assembly session, complete with PT session track labels and clip information identifying the recording channel(s).

I'm oversimplifying what must be happening (and quickly) behind the curtain to pull this off, but can attest to the time-savings and immediacy creating fully-built dialog assemblies "on the fly" on David Leitch's high-speed BULLET TRAIN, F. Gary Gray's pending airborne actioner LIFT, and a host of other projects of varying scale and complexity.

Additionally, if I stumble over the inevitable dialog assembly process' "garbage in, garbage out" EDL hiccups, Sounds-In-Sync's impeccable support has saved the day on numerous occasions, helping me locate and correct the forest-for-the-trees of EDL gaffes.

Doing a rough tally of the time saved during the dialog assembly process and owing to rapidly-delivered dialog assemblies to our team, EdiLoad has bought and paid for itself many times over.

Paul P. Soucek - Bullet Train - Assistant Supervising Sound Editor and EdiLoad v5 beta-tester

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