ADR has been a specialty of mine for 25 years, so I’ve lived the evolution of cue prep and recording situations, from carbon paper on typewriters to Filemaker Pro; from hanging sound blankets in dressing rooms to mobile recording trucks to world class recording rooms. Truthfully, EdiCue and EdiPrompt are game changers in the ADR profession.

Making it a ProTools process is absolute genius. Working on international co-productions for the last ten years, a constant hurdle is looping to unlocked episodes. Co-pro series move very fast, with abundant and diverse approvals required. My team and I are often recording ADR to a picture that is still being edited, with new ADR requests being added. This means revising paperwork at the last minute, while working in different time zones, and still delivering the request without disrupting the schedule. With EdiCue, we stayed on top of sudden changes.

My first use of EdiCue was while supervising two series being shot on different continents, with post production being done on a third. EdiCue looked like the salvation to this crazy environment and IT WAS. EdiCue reduced some revision needs from a one day task down to just one hour. I know for certain that without EdiCue in my kit last season, sudden ADR lines and changes could have been missed and this may have led to rescheduling of cast and facilities.

I officially love EdiCue!

Dale Sheldrake -­ Supervising ADR Editor

Vikings (History/MGM), The Borgias (Showtime)

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