I'm a Montreal based freelance dialogue editor. I began using EdiCue and EdiLoad in 2014 as I was called to cut all dialogues and ADR for the BBC's Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell. I was a one-man band cutting seven episodes of original dialogue and ADR combined with re-conforming my work to ever-changing picture versions. All the actors were based in London and I had to quickly produce about twenty characters worth of ADR sheets and do fast updates as new picture versions rolled in.

EdiCue and EdiLoad used in combination enabled me to stay way on top of the work.

EdiCue's "clip group" based workflow has been a real paradigm shift for me, as i completely abandoned using markers for localization and note-taking in Pro Tools. Exit yellow chaos on my tracks, enter clean, department dedicated, separate "note-tracks". I can now quickly output clear notes and reports in excel, pdf or text formats for people in production offices who are not always used to working with Pro Tools.

I also developed a workflow for producing what I call a "dynamic transcript", e.g. a complete transcript that follows ever changing versions. To develop that workflow I used a third party macro key utility to allow Pro Tools, EdiCue and Excel to interact with each other. To achieve this workflow I needed some EdiCue functions to be made available through keyboard shortcuts. Sounds In Sync responded fast and implemented three new commands now seen under the new Session Interface window "Script" menu.

And that's when we arrive at one big extra argument to switch to the software and workflows created by Sounds In Sync: prompt replies, service and customisation. This should convince any sound team to immediately switch to working with these guys. They live in Australia…I believe that's why they are a few steps ahead!!!

Guy Pelletier - Dialogue Editor, Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell

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