I've been cueing ADR for many years, and I've been through most variations available from home designed spread sheets through to tailor made software. I first started using EdiCue on Season 1 of Game Of Thrones and quite honestly I've never looked back.

Keeping track of up to 90 cast members spanning several continents, along with group cues in multiple languages recording all 10 hours of screen time simultaneously is an enormous undertaking. EdiCue makes this far easier than I would have imagined possible. Last-minute recuts are swiftly dealt with and alternate lines, scene info and departmental notes are all easily viewable in print, or on screen.

I also used EdiCue on The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Les Miserables, World War Z as well as the three seasons of Game Of Thrones. I'm using it now on season 4 and I wouldn't want to do the job without it.

Tim Hands -  Supervising Dialogue and ADR Editor, Game Of Thrones

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