EdiCue Demo Videos

Creating a Pro Tools Cue Session (Durn 26:54)

Loading Cue Data (Durn 17:18)

Setting up EdiCue and Exports (Durn 23:52)

Customising Band Designs (Durn 20:29)

Export Movie and WAV Files window demo (Durn 8:44)

Using EdiCue v4 with Nuendo 12 (Durn 7:30)

New Features in EdiCue v4 (Durn 4:37)



EdiPrompt Demo Videos

EdiPrompt Demo Video  (Durn 16:30)
Subtítulos en Español | Untertitel in Deutsch

EdiPrompt v2.2 feature to load EdiCue PDFs  (Durn 2:52)

Norman In Sync: ADR Demystified  (Durn 11:10)
Subtítulos en Español | Untertitel in Deutsch



EdiLoad Demo Videos

Demonstration of how to import various edit lists and modify edit list data in EdiLoad v5 (Durn 11:49)

All you need to know about assembling your location WAV files for Pro Tools or any DAW with EdiLoad v5 (Durn 23:49)

New Features in EdiLoad v4. (Durn 11:23)

See how to recut the finished mixes of 12 TV episodes to create the sound track for a feature film in Pro Tools with EdiLoad v3. (Durn 22:12)

Pro Tools Expert 'Show and Tell' video of what's new in EdiLoad v3, highlighting the re-conform feature. (Durn 19:05)

See how to assemble (conform) the sync sound for all location shots in your film or TV production (Durn 4:38)

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