Read this first if you are having EdiLoad re-conform issues with Pro Tools 2022.4 or above.


For product support, please read the information below and follow the appropriate link where provided.

• Download the latest version

If you are experiencing a problem or have a query, this may have already been fixed in a recent update. These can be downloaded using the App Updates links on this page or via the main Download page.

• Read the User Guide

View the product user guide directly via the application’s Help menu.

• Watch the Demo Video

The demo videos for EdiCueEdiPrompt and EdiLoad contain detailed information on how to use each application and workflow setups.

• Check our FAQ

• For information on PACE iLoks see this page.


If none of the above has helped you, or if you have any product feedback, please contact us using the Support Form below. Support requests are answered as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

For EdiLoad Assembly Window Support

Please click the 'Save Support' toolbar button when the edit list and location WAV files are loaded. Enter the details requested and send the zip file created.


Support Form


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