Regarding Error: Edixxxx cannot communicate with Pro Tools as it is not running in English.

If EdiCue, EdiPrompt or EdiLoad is reporting this error and you are using Pro Tools 2023.9 or above, you need to update EdiCue, EdiPrompt or EdiLoad to the current version. License upgrades can be purchased from the 'Full Upgrade' tab of the store.

In addition, if you are running macOS Sonoma (14.x), you need to use Pro Tools 2024.3.1 or above to work around this same error.

Read this first if you are having EdiLoad re-conform issues with Pro Tools 2022.4 or above.

App Updates

  • EdiCue v4.2.1 (Apr '24)
    • Fix to retain the existing styling of Session and Project Interface window fields when text is pasted
    • The data Timecode Rate is shown correctly when importing data from EdiCue PDFs with a 23.976 or 29.97 frame rate
    • Minor update to PDF font selection when exporting PDFs using 'Arial Unicode MS'

    For full details and a video of what's new in EdiCue v4, see this blog post.

    NOTE: EdiCue v4.2+ requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave)+, Windows 8+, Pro Tools 2019.5+, Nuendo 12+.

    Download Mac   Download Win

  • EdiPrompt v3.1.0 (May '24)
    • New checkbox 'Display text when Locate or Rename and Locate are clicked' on 'Text' tab which displays the text of the selected cue before Pro Tools plays or records
    • New checkbox 'Allow when A/V Bypass is active' on 'Status' tab allows the record status overlay to be shown when A/V Bypass is active (blocking A/V cues)
    • New 'Cue List' menu items added for existing functions: 'Display Cue Text', 'Toggle Record State', and 'Create New Cue'
    • New 'EdiPrompt Commander' StreamDeck plugin (v1.1) containing four new buttons 'Show Cue Text', 'Toggle Cue Record State', 'Create New Cue', and 'Focus Pro Tools'
    • New preference to hide audio devices from the Audio I/O tab that have a channel count larger than specified. Previously this was set to 6
    • The ability to create and import MIDI files containing markers at the same location when the cue numbers were not generated by EdiCue and don't contain alpha suffixes

    For full details of what's new, see this blog post.

    NOTE: EdiPrompt v3.1+ requires macOS 10.14+, Pro Tools 2019.5+.

    Download Installer

  • EdiLoad v5.1.0 (Mar '24)
    • Media Composer 'SlipPerf' data can now be import from AAFs and handled in the Assembly window
    • 'Shoot Date' metadata can be imported from AAFs and used to match location WAV files in the Assembly window
    • Assembly settings, 'Match Criteria 1' tab, the 'Match Values' menu can now match: 'Anywhere', 'From Start', or 'Exactly'
    • Assembly settings, 'Clip Name tab', can now set Clip Name to include 'Scene No' and 'Take No'
    • Code used to re-load WAV file database now works when database is stored on NAS that creates snapshot files
    • WAV File list 'Creation Date' now displays correct time. Removed offset to GMT
    • During PTX file export, the 'Clip Colour Settings' tab can now also set the clip color by the text found in the: 'Shoot Date', 'Scene No', 'Take No' and 'Info Text'
    • During import of PTX files, now read track width data correctly for sessions saved by Pro Tools 2024.3+
    • Major rework of PDF shooting script import code to allow import of more formats

    To see what's new in version 5 see this blog post.

    NOTE: EdiLoad v5.1 requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave)+, Windows 8+, Pro Tools 2019.5+, Nuendo 12+.

    Download Mac   Download Win

  • EdiChart v4.2.0 (Apr '24)
    • Minor fix to allow export of PDF files on macOS Sonoma

    NOTE: EdiChart v4.2+ requires either macOS 10.14+ or Windows 8+, Pro Tools 2019.5+.

    Download Mac   Download Win

  • EdiMarker v2.2.0 (Oct '23)
    • Option to import Text and Excel files with marker locations stored as samples
    • Updates for macOS 14.0 Sonoma. EdiMarker now requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

    EdiMarker v2 requires an iLok license which can be purchased from here.

    NOTE: EdiMarker v2.2+ requires either macOS 10.14+ or Windows 8+, Pro Tools 2019.5+.

    Download Mac    Download Win

macOS Sonoma (14.x)


For product support, please read the information below and follow the appropriate link where provided.

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Read the User Guide

View the product user guide directly via the application’s Help menu.

Watch the Demo Videos

The demo videos for EdiCue, EdiPrompt and EdiLoad contain detailed information on how to use each application and workflow setups.

Check our FAQ

For information on PACE iLoks see this page.


If none of the above has helped you, or if you have any product feedback, please contact us using the Support Form below. Support requests are answered as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

For EdiLoad Assembly Window Support

Please click the 'Save Support' toolbar button when the edit list and location WAV files are loaded. Enter the details requested and send the zip file created.


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