Rent To Own

Rental licenses for EdiCue, EdiPrompt, EdiLoad and EdiChart can be purchased from our web store. These run for a period of 31 days and can be purchased and redeemed when required.

Rental licenses are a good way to provide access to our applications when a production is willing to pay for a license for the duration of a job or when funds are short. In addition, if you wish to own a full/perpetual license at a later stage, we provide the following two 'rent to own' options for rental licenses that have been purchased from the Sounds In Sync web store:

  • When a single rental license has been purchased, a 25% discount coupon can be requested (at any time). The coupon is valid for 21 days and provides a discount for a full license of the same application.
  • When four rental licenses for the same application have been purchased and redeemed, a full perpetual license will be deposited into your iLok account at no additional cost. All rental licenses must be redeemed to the same iLok account, which is the same account that the full license will be deposited into. Rental licenses can be purchased and redeemed at any time and do not need to be redeemed successively (immediately one after another).

To request a coupon or full license, enter your details - including your iLok account ID - on our contact page. For more information on iLoks and iLok licenses see here.




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