Strike Back - Korda Studios - Hungary

Moving back to Hungary after 20 years of audio post-production work in Hollywood, the good news was that I began getting calls for ADR sessions in Budapest. The bad news was that the "cue lists" for these sessions consisted of nothing more than the lines to be recorded highlighted on the original...

Adrenaline Studios - Las Vegas

EdiCue and EdiPrompt have streamlined the workflow between our studio and Hollywood studios. Importing all cues by simply dragging and dropping a file has been a HUGE time saver.  Having the cues on the screen with the visual wipe allows the actors to solely focus on their performance.  We...

Mullewapp - Eine schöne Schweinerei

From the first time I used EdiPrompt, its wide array of functions and possibilities blew me away. Everything is connected and very easy to handle – no additional hardware, no complicated routing. I love the flexibility and the fact that it lets me actually focus on my work. Furthermore, EdiPrompt...

Kantana Sound Studios - Thailand

EdiPrompt is a real time saver. No more hassle with renaming cues and other related household tasks during the ADR sessions. I have been using EdiPrompt in numerous local and ISDN-based ADR sessions like The Hangover Part II, The Impossible and The Grandmaster. With its support of different...

Outloud Audio

We rely on EdiPrompt on all of our ADR stages in New York and Los Angeles every day. We love the flexibility, programability, and ease of use that EdiPrompt provides for visually cueing prompts for principal and group ADR.  It is a key part of our toolkit and our success. EdiPrompt is highly...

Technicolor Toronto

EdiPrompt has been a game-changer in our ADR & Foley rooms. This blows away any streamer/wipe hardware box we’ve ever used. Our foley artists are freelance and work in many studios around town. They have stated on many occasions that this work-flow is far superior to anything else they have...

The Following - Soundtrack NY Ltd

EdiPrompt has always been a very useful tool on my ADR stage. It recently proved itself invaluable while shooting remote ADR for the first season of Fox Broadcasting's “The Following”. The producers desired to shoot most of the ADR on set and EdiPrompt made it possible for me to easily provide...




EdiPrompt is an application that allows ADR and foley recordists to cue their actor or artist in a way that they are most comfortable with. EdiPrompt does this by providing a range of highly customisable visual and audio cues. Furthermore, to allow the recordist to focus on the performance they are recording as much as possible, EdiPrompt automates the recording process when using Pro Tools by renaming the record track(s) and locating to each cue point using its Cue List window.

The quickest way to load cues into the EdiPrompt Cue List window is to create or import third-party cues with our Emmy® award-winning application EdiCue. Our application EdiLoad can also be used in conjunction with EdiPrompt to generate files that trigger visual cues at picture and scene change points for foley walkers.

The following video shows EdiPrompt used in conjunction with EdiCue to re-record all the dialogue for the indie film Norman.

ADR recording for Norman using EdiCue and EdiPrompt (Durn 1:12)

Download & Trial

The EdiPrompt Installer (Mac only) contains a current version of EdiPrompt, comprehensive User Guide and a sample files. The same installer can be used with trial, rental, EDU and full licenses.

When first run, EdiPrompt will provide the option to activate a three day trial license. To extend the trial, contact us with your iLok account ID.


Full, Rental, Sharable and Upgrade licenses can be purchased from the Buy page. The store accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. To purchase using a Bank Wire Transfer or Bitcoin please Contact Us.

For information on educational licenses see our Educational Discounts page.


  • EdiPrompt v3.1 is a 64-bit Universal Binary (Arm/Intel) application that is compatible with macOS Mojave (10.14) and above including macOS Sonoma (14.x). For macOS Sonoma (14.x) compatibility info click here.
  • Currently there is no Windows version
  • Compatible with Pro Tools® an AVID Audio® product, version 2019.5 and above. Tested with Pro Tools 2024.3.1. Confirm that the version of Pro Tools being used is compatible with your operating system version. Read More
  • Visual cues can only be overlaid on screens that are connected to a display port that shows up on the ‘Displays’ pane of the macOS System Preferences. Generally these are built-in Mac or graphics card display ports. The Pro Tools ‘movie’ window is positioned on this display so EdiPrompt can overlay its cues on top. EdiPrompt is not compatible with video peripherals that stream video directly from Pro Tools. For example: Nitris, Mojo, Blackmagic, AJA, and Canopus.
  • Cue Beeps and Take Speech can be routed to play out to any core audio device from within EdiPrompt. This includes Aux I/O virtual ports available with Pro Tools 2022.9 and above.
  • The only MIDI controller that can be connected while using the extended features of EdiPrompt is a HUI compatible controller (i.e. A Command 8 MIDI controller cannot be connected simultaneously)
  • EdiPrompt v3 licenses can activate any EdiPrompt v3 app and EdiPrompt v2.4.6. Requires 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or iLok Cloud for all license types. Read More

Demo Videos

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