EdiMarker is an application that allows sound editors, sound supervisors and music producers to load markers into Pro Tools. EdiMarker does this by loading the data from a Text file (including a Nuendo, Reaper or iZotope RX marker file) or a Microsoft Excel file. It then exports this data as an AAF file or MIDI file which Pro Tools can import.

EdiMarker can convert one file at a time, or when several files need to be converted with the same file type and settings, the 'Multiple Files' tab can be used to batch convert a set of files.

EdiMarker main window – 'Single File' tab

EdiMarker main window showing the 'Single File' tab

NOTE: To export marker information from Pro Tools, select the Pro Tools File > Export > Session Info As Text menu and check the 'Include Markers' option to create a text file containing the markers with their location, name and comments. EdiMarker cannot import a Pro Tools 'Session Info As Text' file directly. If you need to transfer markers from one session into another use the Pro Tools menu File > Import > Session Data and check 'Markers / Memory Locations'.



  • Imports Text files including Nuendo, Reaper and iZotope RX marker files.
    • Fields can be delimited with a tab, comma or semicolon character.
  • Imports Microsoft Excel files to avoid text encoding issues.
  • Loads markers with locations stored as:
    • a Timecode with a frame rate from 23.976 to 60 FPS DF (hh:mm:ss:ff).
    • a Footage (fff+ff).
    • Minutes, seconds and milliseconds (mmm:ss.sss).
  • Creates log files containing locator errors when found during load.
  • Converts frame rates above 30FPS to the equivalent standard definition frame rate.
  • Exports AAF or MIDI files for Pro Tools to import. AAF files provide:
    • The ability to export marker comments.
    • Compatibility with frame rates above 30 FPS.
    • A way to append markers in Pro Tools.
    • Unicode compatibility.


  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Pro Tools
  • Authorisation
EdiMarker version 2 is a 64-bit Intel application that is compatible with macOS Yosemite (10.10) and above including macOS Big Sur (11.x) and Apple Silicon.
EdiMarker version 2 is a 64-bit application that is compatible with Windows 8 and above, 64-bit versions only.
Compatible with Pro Tools® an AVID Audio® product, version 11.3 and above. Tested with Pro Tools 2022.4.
2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok for all types of licenses, authorised locally. Read More

Download & Trial

The EdiMarker Installer (Mac / Win) contains a current version of EdiMarker, comprehensive User Guide and sample files. The same installer can be used with trial and full licenses.

When first run, EdiMarker will provide the option to activate a three day trial license. To extend the trial, contact us with your iLok account ID.


Full licenses can be purchased from the Buy page. The store accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

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