Customising Band Designs (Durn 20'29")


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Creating a Pro Tools Cue Session (Durn 26'54")

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Loading Cue Data (Durn 17'18")

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Setting up EdiCue and Exports (Durn 23'52")

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Customising Band Designs (Durn 20'29")

Updating EdiApps for 64-bit architecture

Updating EdiApps for 64-bit architecture

If you are running macOS 10.13.4 or above you may have seen the following message when you run an application:

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Transferring ADR Cues from Pro Tools to EdiCue

Transferring ADR Cues from Pro Tools to EdiCue

While printing ADR cues in EdiCue, text characters can sometimes be displayed incorrectly. If this is happening to you, you probably have a 'text encoding' issue.

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  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Pro Tools
  • Authorisation
EdiCue version 3 is a 64-bit application that is compatible with macOS version 10.10 (Yosemite) and above. It is also compatible with macOS Light and Dark modes.
EdiCue version 3 is a 64-bit application that is compatible with Windows 8 and above, 64-bit versions only.
Compatible with Pro Tools® an AVID Audio® product, version 11.3 and above. Tested with Pro Tools 2019.5.

Confirm that the version of Pro Tools being used is compatible with your operating system version. Read More
2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok for all types of licenses, authorised locally or using sharable (network) licenses. Read More

Download & Trial

The EdiCue Installer (Mac / Win) contains a current version of EdiCue, comprehensive User Guide and sample files. The same installer can be used with trial, rental, EDU and full licenses.

When first run, EdiCue will provide the option to activate a three day trial license. To extend the trial, contact us with your iLok account ID.


Full, Rental and Upgrade licenses can be purchased from the Buy page. The store accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfers, Check or Money Orders (US Only) and Purchase Orders.

For information on Educational Discounts and Student/Teacher bundle licenses, see our Educational Discounts page.

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