The Holdovers - Miramax, Gran Via Productions

EdiCue is the best! I just LOVE the speed and ease of cueing ADR with your software! Frank Gaeta - Supervising sound editor / sound designer, The Holdovers

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

We used EdiCue for the new Netflix show 'Dark Crystal'. As it's a puppet show all of the original studio recordings were only ever going to be a guide. So we had to record 10,000+ lines of ADR, although calling it ADR does seem wrong given that we essentially recorded the production audio. It was...

Mission Impossible - Fallout

EdiCue was already indispensable software. On shows like Mission Impossible, the recuts came in thick and fast, but using EdiCue meant my sheets were always up to date. Now with version 3 it has outdone itself. The new options allow for such clear sheets so my sessions will go just how I want them...

Roma - Sergio Diaz

Just for you to know, was a tremendous help to use your products EdiCue and EdiLoad on ROMA. Many thanks! Sergio Diaz - Sound Designer / Supervising Sound Editor: Roma Oscar Nomination 2019: Best Achievement in Sound EditingOscar Nomination 2019: Best Achievement in Sound MixingMPSE Winner 2019:...

Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell - BBC

I'm a Montreal based freelance dialogue editor. I began using EdiCue and EdiLoad in 2014 as I was called to cut all dialogues and ADR for the BBC's Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell. I was a one-man band cutting seven episodes of original dialogue and ADR combined with re-conforming my work to...

Game Of Thrones

I've been cueing ADR for many years, and I've been through most variations available from home designed spread sheets through to tailor made software. I first started using EdiCue on Season 1 of Game Of Thrones and quite honestly I've never looked back. Keeping track of up to 90 cast members...

Homeland, The Blacklist, Charlie's Angels, Necessary Roughness

EdiCue makes life so much easier. Before discovering EdiCue I used a filemaker-based system to handle ADR cues. Now I can edit cues in a familiar format, but the best part of EdiCue is the ease of making changes. I also put foley notes and fx notes in the program while I spot my group. The ADR...

Vikings + The Borgias

ADR has been a specialty of mine for 25 years, so I’ve lived the evolution of cue prep and recording situations, from carbon paper on typewriters to Filemaker Pro; from hanging sound blankets in dressing rooms to mobile recording trucks to world class recording rooms. Truthfully, EdiCue and...

Skyfall - 007

EdiCue was used exclusively for ADR cueing on SKYFALL, I love this software. Simon Chase -  Supervising ADR editor, Skyfall (2013 oscar winner for best sound editing)

Worlds Greatest Dad

I have used EdiCue on every show I have worked on in the past three years. It has completely cut down my preparation time for ADR cue lists, and really continues to impress clients with its clear and concise  ADR reporting. I most recently used it on “World’s Greatest Dad,” starring Robin...

Seven Pounds - Sony Pictures

EdiCue is fabulous and it takes no time to learn how to use. The ease of it's interface with Pro Tools, it's cue sheeting options, and most importantly, it's ease in conforming sessions; takes hours off the ADR Supervisors process. Finally; there is an ADR program that can exist within your...

The Pacific - 424 Post

We recently used EdiCue on The Pacific (HBO) and Quarantine (Screengems) and were consequently able to cue ADR under one application and easily update and personalize cue sheets. EdiCue is intuitive fully supported software and has improved our ADR process so that we can work smarter on a fully...



Emmy® Award Winner Emmy® Award


EdiCue is an application that allows sound editors and supervisors to create ADR cues and department notes within Pro Tools, or ADR cues within Nuendo. These cues and notes are generally created after a spotting session and ideally before anyone starts working on the sound for the project - including the scheduling of actors for record.

Once all cues and notes have been created, EdiCue exports a range of files including ADR cue sheets (scripts) and files to assist with the recording process. These files can be loaded into our partner app EdiPrompt while actors are recorded. EdiPrompt displays the cues on-screen and helps automate the recoding process when using Pro Tools.

Announcing EdiCue v4

Watch the following video to see what's new in EdiCue v4. For full details see this blog post.

EdiCue v4 - New Features (Durn: 4:37)


Read EdiCue from Sounds In Sync Makes ADR Cueing a Breeze by Korey Pereira in the Summer 2023 issue of Wavelength Wavelength 2023 Summer Issue

Download & Trial

The EdiCue Installer (Mac / Win) contains a current version of EdiCue, comprehensive User Guide and sample files. The same installer can be used with trial, rental, EDU and full licenses.

When first run, EdiCue will provide the option to activate a three day trial license. To extend the trial, contact us with your iLok account ID.


Full, Rental, Sharable and Upgrade licenses can be purchased from the Buy page. The store accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. To purchase using a Bank Wire Transfer or Bitcoin please Contact Us.

For information on educational licenses see our Educational Discounts page.

Demo Videos

See the Support > Demo Videos page


  • EdiCue v4.2 is a 64-bit Universal Binary (Arm/Intel) application that is compatible with macOS Mojave (10.14) and above including macOS Sonoma (14.x). For macOS Sonoma (14.x) compatibility info click here.
  • EdiCue v4 is a 64-bit application that is compatible with Windows 8 and above, 64-bit versions only.
  • Compatible with Pro Tools® an AVID Audio® product, version 2019.5 and above. Tested with Pro Tools 2024.3.1 Confirm that the version of Pro Tools being used is compatible with your operating system version. Read More
  • Compatible with Nuendo 12 and above
  • EdiCue v4 licenses can activate any EdiCue v4 app and EdiCue v3.4.0+. Requires 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or iLok Cloud for all license types. Read More

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