EdiChart saved me countless hours on Avatar.  It's a great product. Michael Bauer - Music Editor, Avatar

Indiana Jones - Skywalker Sound

EdiChart is the best program for cue sheets yet! It has all of the features that I need and my Foley cue sheets look very tidy, which is appreciated by the Foley crew. Crystal Skull ended up being a very dense Foley track and I really appreciated how customizable EdiChart can be. I think I might...


We were 72 channels out to the dub stage and way more inside Pro Tools, to do cue sheets by hand would have been insane. EdiChart's great because it’s not a big deal to print something out, look at it, and then do it again if it's not right. Lisa Jaime - Music Editor, Hairspray

7 Things to do before I'm 30

The EdiChart tags are a great feature. I'm using [NM] all the time. Doing cuesheets used to be a really boring, and time- consuming part of the process. Now it's a snap - and they look great. My hat's off to you Mark. Alan Perkins - Dialogue Editor, 7 Things to do before I'm 30

The Great Debaters

EdiChart saved the day on The Great Debaters. The "consolidate tracks" function works great with stemmed out music tracks. Thanks. Todd Kasow - Music Editor, The Great Debaters

The Simpsons Movie

I've become quite accustomed to making my own cue sheets as most automated programs don't meet my needs. After finding EdiChart I've been able to dedicate more time to working while still being able to turn out accurate and well organized cue sheets. With picture constantly changing over the...

Da Vinci Code

EdiChart turns out perfect, elegant cue sheets of any density with an interface that is refreshingly simple, modern and stable. Using Export Session As Text files makes it future-proof and has the added benefit of not needing Pro Tools installed on the same machine. I love EdiChart! Dan Pinder -...



EdiChart main window

EdiChart is an application that allows sound editors and supervisors to generate dubbing charts (cue sheets) for mixers. It loads the audio clip data from a Pro Tools ‘Session Info as Text’ file and Pro Tools marker information from a MIDI file. It then generates a single PDF file showing the clips on each vertical track with markers drawn horizontally, displaying locations as timecodes or footages. Tags can be stored in Pro Tools clips to customise the look of each clip or set how a group of clips are merged.

EdiChart can also be used to calculate the total duration of clips used in a session when creating music cue sheets or reports as a text or MS Excel file.

Download & Trial

The EdiChart Installer (Mac / Win) contains a current version of EdiChart, comprehensive User Guide and sample files. The same installer can be used with trial, rental, EDU and full licenses.

When first run, EdiChart will provide the option to activate a three day trial license. To extend the trial, contact us with your iLok account ID.


Full, Rental, Sharable and Upgrade licenses can be purchased from the Buy page. The store accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. To purchase using a Bank Wire Transfer or Bitcoin please Contact Us.

For information on educational licenses see our Educational Discounts page.


  • EdiChart v4.2+ is a 64-bit Universal Binary (Arm/Intel) application that is compatible with macOS Sierra (10.14) and above including macOS Sonoma (14.x). For macOS Sonoma (14.x) compatibility info click here.
  • EdiChart version 4 is a 64-bit application that is compatible with Windows 8 and above, 64-bit versions only.
  • Compatible with Pro Tools® an AVID Audio® product, version 2019.5 and above. Tested with Pro Tools 2024.3.1
  • Requires 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or iLok Cloud for all license types. Read More

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