Privacy Policy

Last revised: Aug 15, 2023


1. Introduction-Our privacy obligations

Sounds in Sync Pty Ltd is governed by the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Australian Privacy Principles regulate how Personal Information is handled by Sounds in Sync Pty Ltd.

Sounds in Sync Pty Ltd's Privacy Policy applies to Personal Information collected and/or held by it.

This Privacy Policy also explains how we process 'personal data' about people in the European Union ("EU"), as required under the General Data Protection Regulation.


2. Definitions

In this Privacy Policy the following terms are defined:

    • "APPs" means the Australian Privacy Principles.
    • "SIS" means Sounds in Sync Pty Ltd, a company incorporated under the Corporations Act (Australia) (ACN 138 026 267) with a place of business c/o P.O. Box 959, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482, Australia.
    • "GDPR" means the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.
    • "our" or "we" or "us" means SIS.
    • "Personal information" means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.
    • "Policy" means this Privacy Policy.
    • "Services" means the exchange or interaction between you and us concerning our business services, including in relation to the provision of SIS software product licences or other services, when you access and use our Website or any other incidental activity relating to our business.
    • "you" means you being any of:
      1. A potential or actual customer of SIS software products licences or otherwise the provision of services by us to you; or
      2. Personnel of any of proposed or actual SIS reseller entities that resell SIS software products licences worldwide; or
      3. Personnel of any proposed or actual SIS partner entities who we partner with for commercial purposes; or
      4. A person who visits our Website; or
      5. Any other person that we engage with in relation to a potential or actual business relationship or engagement including on behalf of a service provider.


3. Collection Notice

For the purposes of the APPs, we expressly draw to your attention that when we engage with you in relation to or the provision of Services and we request you provide Personal Information (whether by email or a phone call or pursuant to our Website (including the completion of forms)), we will make available or provide a link to the Policy website address or provide you with a copy of this Policy.

The Policy will explain the manner of, and purpose for, the proposed SIS collection use and storage of your Personal information.


4. The types of personal information we may collect and hold

We may collect Personal Information about you, as part of your engagement with us in relation to the Services.

We may collect and hold the following Personal information, as applicable:

    • Your name.
    • Physical address.
    • Phone number.
    • Email address.
    • Payment transaction amounts and the dates and time of the related transactions.
    • Web browser used, the IP address of your device when connected to the internet and the record of the pages within our Website that you visit and the date and time of your visit.

For your attention- You can also read in Schedule 1 a specific summary of the Personal Information we may collect and hold


5. How we collect Personal Information

5.1 Information that you specifically give us

We may ask you to provide us with certain types of Personal Information if you wish to obtain a particular Service from us. This might happen over the telephone, through our Website including by filling in a form that concerns the potential or actual provision of our Services or where we meet face-to-face.

5.2 Information that we collect from third parties

5.2.1 As a consequence of our engagements with third party SIS reseller or SIS partner or other service providers in relation to the proposed or actual sale and licensed use of SIS software products, we may receive your Personal Information. In particular:

        1. For SIS software product licence purchases made via our Website store these are handled by our 3rd party reseller FastSpring ( By submitting Personal Information through our Website store you are also consenting to FastSpring's use of Personal Information and the terms of their privacy policy (see;
        2. Through the use of Mail Chimp ( services we send emails for either: i. notification of a SIS release of a software product release; or ii.other SIS business information. These emails are based on user email subscription via either completion of our Website form(s) or as part of the FastSpring purchase process. Once you subscribe, SIS stores your contact details by use of the Mail chimp application. SIS also extracts data from Mail Chimp concerning campaign mail out results, unsubscribers and bounced emails: and
        3. Through the use by SIS of the services of PACE Anti-Piracy (, we receive the iLok user ID, his or her name, email address and licence details.

5.2.2 If you apply for employment or we request or you propose a contract for services with us, we will collect Personal information about you from your referees. We may also check some details about our service providers from publicly available sources, such as the Australian Business Register and ASIC databases.

5.3 Information that we generate ourselves

5.3.1 We maintain records of the interactions we have with SIS including the products and services we may propose or provide to you.

5.3.2 We collect limited information about users of our Website, for diagnostic and analytic purposes as set out in Section 4, for example, we gather IP addresses but we do not trace these back to individual users.

5.4 Information generated from social media networks

You might also provide your Personal Information to us, without us directly asking for it, for example, if you engage with us on the following social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and YouTube.

5.5 Information generated on our Website bulletin or discussion boards

Any information posted on our Website bulletin boards and/or communicated in accessible discussion areas will become public information. While we strive to protect and respect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose in the discussion area or bulletin board.

For your attention- You can also read in Schedule 1 a specific summary how and from where we collect and hold Personal Information.


6. Online Links to Third Party and Co-Branded websites

We may establish relationships with SIS partners that allow visitors to our Website to link directly to sites operated by such partners. Some of these sites may be "co-branded" with our trademarks including logos; however, these websites are not operated or maintained by or on our behalf. These sites may collect Personal Information from you that may be shared with us. This Policy will apply to any Personal Information we obtain in this manner.

SIS is not responsible for the content or practices of websites operated by such third parties that are linked to our Website. These links are meant for the website user convenience only. Links to third party sites do not constitute sponsorship, endorsement or approval by SIS of the content, policies or practices of those third party websites. Once you have left our Website via such a link, you should check the applicable privacy policy of the third party website.


7. How we use Personal Information

7.1 We may use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

      • In the provision of the Website engagement.
      • In the provision of the SIS software products or services you have requested. Specifically to fulfil administrative functions associated with the provision of these products and services, for example, billing or entering into contracts with you.
      • Generally in the maintenance and management of any customer relationship we have with you.
      • To provide technical support in relation to SIS software products.
      • To answer your enquiry about the Services, or to respond to a complaint.
      • To manage our employment or business relationship with you.
      • To promote our SIS software products or services which may be of interest to you (unless you have opted out from such communications).
      • If otherwise permitted or required by law
      • For other purposes with your consent, unless you withdraw your consent.
      • When we collect certain non-Personal Information to optimise our products and services including (as stated in Section 4) our Website pages for your computer (e.g., the identity of your Web browser, the type of operating system you use, your IP address and the identity of the host or host's name), we may use such non-Personal Information for internal purposes, including, but not limited to, improving the content of our Website. This information may come from server logs.

For your attention- You can also read in Schedule 1 a specific summary of the purposes we use your Personal Information for.

7.2 GDPR lawful processing grounds

The 'lawful processing' grounds on which we will use Personal Information about you are in relation to potential or actual contractual engagements for the provision by SIS of SIS software products or services including incidental activities to that relationship such as product enhancements or service updates or other information updates.

7.3 Data retention

We will keep Personal Information about you, to use for the above purposes, for a reasonable period of time necessary for the operation and management of our business but subject to our obligations under Sections 10 and 11.


8. When we disclose personal information

8.1 To our third party service providers

The Personal Information of you, and our employees or suppliers or other business contacts may be held on our behalf outside Australia, including 'in the cloud', by our third party service providers.

Our third party service providers are bound by contract to only use your Personal Information on our behalf, under our instructions and in accordance with their privacy policies.

Specifically our third party service providers as at May 25, 2018 are:

8.2 Other disclosures and transfers

We may also disclose your Personal Information to third parties for the following purposes:

      • if necessary to provide the SIS software product or services you have requested
      • if otherwise permitted or required by law
      • for other purposes with your consent.

For your attention- You can also read in Schedule 1 a specific summary of how we use or receive your Personal Information in relation to third party service providers


9. Security

We use our reasonable commercial efforts to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your Personal Information. We use a variety of physical and electronic security measures including restricting physical access to our office and IT firewalls and secure databases to keep Personal information secure from misuse, loss or unauthorised use or disclosure.


10. Accessing or correcting your personal information

You have the right to request access to the Personal Information SIS holds about you. Unless an exception applies, we must allow you to see the Personal Information we hold about you, within a reasonable time period, and without unreasonable expense.

You also have the right to request the correction of the Personal Information we hold about you. We will take reasonable steps to make appropriate corrections to Personal Information so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Unless an exception applies, we must update, correct, amend or delete the Personal Information we hold about you within a reasonable time period. We do not charge for making corrections.

To seek access to, or correction of, your Personal Information, please contact our Data Privacy Officer as set out below.


11. Exercising your other rights

You have a number of other rights in relation to the Personal Information SIS holds about you. You have the right to:

    • opt-out of direct marketing, and profiling for marketing
    • opt-out of processing for research / statistical purposes, or processing on the grounds of 'public interest' or 'legitimate interest'
    • erasure
    • data portability, and
    • temporary restriction of processing.

With SIS you have the right to subscribe for information updates concerning SIS products or other information updates. You have the right to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any subscribed emails.

To seek to exercise any of those rights, please contact our Data Privacy Officer.


12. Updates

We will review this Policy regularly, and we may update it from time to time.


13. To contact our Data Privacy Officer

If you have an enquiry or a complaint about the way we handle your Personal Information, or to seek to exercise your privacy rights in relation to the Personal Information we hold about you, you may contact our Data Privacy Officer as follows:

Our Data Privacy Officer is:

Mark Franken


Telephone: +61 408 493 340

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mail: P.O. Box 959, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482, Australia

For the purposes of the GDPR, our Data Privacy Officer is also our Data Protection Officer (DPO).

While we endeavor to resolve complaints quickly and informally, if you wish to proceed to a formal privacy complaint, we request that you make your complaint in writing to our Data Privacy Officer, by mail or email as above. We will acknowledge your formal complaint within 10 working days.

If we do not resolve your privacy complaint to your satisfaction, you may lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) by calling them on 1300 363 992, making a complaint online at, or writing to them at OAIC, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001.

If you are in the European Union, you can choose to instead lodge a complaint with your local Data Protection Authority (DPA). The list of DPAs are at


Schedule 1- Personal Information use and storage summary

Nature of Information Information Held Where it is held Why collected, purpose
General emails received at Contents SIS on premise devices To communicate with SIS customers for business purposes
Purchase Details Contact details and payment transaction details from store purchases (made via SIS on premises devices (less payment information). (full payment details). (Name, email address and product name(s) only) To approve SIS software product purchase and gain customer information for support
License Authorisation Details ilok user ID, name, email address, license details SIS on premise devices. (PACE Anti-Piracy) To know which SIS customer is using which SIS software product license. To track purchases and provide support
Website Contact Form Contact details, message, IP address SIS on premise devices. Website hosted by To support SIS software product licensee clients, respond to enquiries etc
Website Support Form Contact details, edit system information, message, sample files, IP address SIS on premise devices. Website hosted by To support SIS software product licensee clients
Website Subscribe Form Contact details, email lists to subscribe to, IP address SIS on premise devices. (Name, email address and product name(s) only). Website hosted by To add a SIS customer or website visitor to an email list
Website EDU product license app forms Contact details, Institute details, iLok User ID, IP address SIS on premise devices. Website hosted by To check eligibility for a EDU product license and process that request
Website ADR Studio Application form Contact details, Studio Contact details, Studio details, IP address SIS on premise devices. Website hosted by To be listed on SIS website - ADR Studio Directory page
Embedded YouTube videos Website visit info To display YouTube videos on website

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