Application Updates

EdiCue v3.0.1 upgrade (Aug '19)

  • Fix to allow styling of ADR cues with non-English text
  • Fix to set character ID correctly in cue numbers that are printed in time order PDFs when using the global cue count method
  • Fix to stop crash on startup when EdiCue is run on macOS10.10 or macOS10.11
  • Fix to calculate the total number of cues and BVox cues in the character list correctly when the production is setting the BVox state automatically

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For EdiCue v3 details see this blog post.

EdiPrompt v2.3.0 update (Mar '18)

  • The option in the Cue List window to change the length of a cue when cues are loaded from TextCues in a MIDI file
  • New note values E1 (28) -> B1 (35) to trigger 2 foot streamers with various colours
  • Fix in Cue List window to bypass correct cue when several cues have the same text
  • Fix to reset the audio player each time the OS X audio output is changed so audio is setup for correct sample rate and bit depth
  • Bug fix to stop all visual and audio cues when Pro Tools stops just before a TextCue MIDI command
  • Bug fix to restore vertical location of the Cue List window when EdiPrompt is restarted

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EdiLoad v3.4.5 update (Jul '18)

  • Update to old Edit List cleaning function 'Combine Split-Track Events'. Now called 'Combine Dupe and Split-Track Events' to clean a list containing Dupe and Split-Track events, and to retaining the full length of each event when combining split-track events.

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EdiChart v3.1.0 update (Mar '18)

  • Rework of clip placement on PDFs that extended the clip length to display x chars or all chars of a clip name. Clips are now positioned on PDF so that the clip name doesn't span a page break
  • Change to PDF page numbering text. When all tracks are printed on a single page, the page numbering is displayed as 'Page x of y'
  • New checkbox on Export tab to provide the option show duration of clips as minutes.seconds
  • Bug fix to allow the load of F+F sessions that contain more than one reel

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EdiMarker v1.4.1 update (Aug '16)

  • Contains bug fix to allow creation of markers in MIDI files when located above 20 hours @ 30FPS

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