Application Updates

EdiCue v3.1.2 update (Dec '19)

  • New 'ADR Summary Type' option "Segment Detail". This lists the segments in the detail section of the summary PDF, text and Excel files
  • Character and Department IDs are now displayed with the length set in the production settings when set above 3 chars
  • Any space characters found in the cue numbers of imported data are now converted to underscore characters rather than removing them
  • Fixed crash bug that occurred while in dark mode during data load after session interface window had been open

NOTE: EdiCue v3 requires either macOS 10.10+ or Windows 8+, while EdiCue v3 licenses require a 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or sharable iLok license. For EdiCue v3 details see this blog post.

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EdiPrompt v2.4.0 update (Nov '19)

  • New 64-bit app compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15) and Dark Mode
  • Adjustment to the timing of counters and audio beeps when triggered from a TextCue or AutoCue
  • Changes while exporting MIDI files from the EdiPrompt 'Create New List' window:
    • the template marker and template MIDI objects are now placed 60 minutes after the last cue
    • AltCues are now assigned correctly
  • Fixes while AVBypass is enabled and active:
    • the Pre/Post Movie Mask is no longer displayed when enabled
    • clicking the 'Play Test' button or changing a status control now displays the status example overlay
  • While loading cues into the Cue List window, if a cue doesn't contain any text the duration of the cue is now loaded

NOTE: EdiPrompt v2.4+ requires macOS 10.10+ and a 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or sharable iLok license.

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EdiLoad v3.4.5 update (Jul '18)

  • Update to old Edit List cleaning function 'Combine Split-Track Events'. Now called 'Combine Dupe and Split-Track Events' to clean a list containing Dupe and Split-Track events, and to retaining the full length of each event when combining split-track events.

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EdiChart v3.1.0 update (Mar '18)

  • Rework of clip placement on PDFs that extended the clip length to display x chars or all chars of a clip name. Clips are now positioned on PDF so that the clip name doesn't span a page break
  • Change to PDF page numbering text. When all tracks are printed on a single page, the page numbering is displayed as 'Page x of y'
  • New checkbox on Export tab to provide the option show duration of clips as minutes.seconds
  • Bug fix to allow the load of F+F sessions that contain more than one reel

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EdiMarker v1.4.1 update (Aug '16)

  • Contains bug fix to allow creation of markers in MIDI files when located above 20 hours @ 30FPS

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