Regarding Error: Edixxxx cannot communicate with Pro Tools as it is not running in English.

If EdiCue, EdiPrompt or EdiLoad is reporting this error and you are using Pro Tools 2023.9 or above, you need to update EdiCue, EdiPrompt or EdiLoad to the current version. License upgrades can be purchased from the 'Full Upgrade' tab of the store.

In addition, if you are running macOS Sonoma (14.x), you need to use Pro Tools 2024.3.1 or above to work around this same error.

Trial Licenses

All applications provide the option to activate a three day trial license when first run. To extend a trial, contact us and provide your iLok user ID. For more information on iLoks click here.

The applications contained within the installers on the Download page can be used with trial, rental, EDU and full licenses.

macOS Sonoma (14.x)


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