One of our clients told us about as they host an online marker conversion tool that can convert between lots of different file formats including files created by various picture editing systems. Our client was wondering if EdiMarker could be used in conjunction with the marker converter tool to generate a Pro Tools session (PTX) file containing markers. It turns out it can by exporting a tab-separated text file, but it got us thinking that we could possibly offer a way for to do this in the background.

We reached out to and formulated a way for us to create an online API that their server could connect to directly. After a couple of weeks development and testing this new feature is now integrated into the marker converter tool.

Their service can now export a PTX file, either for free in Trial mode where only the first three markers are exported, or in Premium mode where an account is required, and a successful conversion will cost you 8 AI credits. New accounts are credited with 8 free AI credits and addition credits can be purchased.

This new feature not only provides Pro Tools users with a comprehensive marker conversion tool for those one-off jobs, but also contains an Online App called Timecode Notes that provides a way for multiple people on different browsers to enter notes for a live broadcast or playback of a live transmission.

These notes can now also be exported as a Pro Tools session containing markers.

To celebrate our new partnership and this new feature, is offering the promo code SOUNDSINSYNC which provides a 20% discount on the first order from an account on their web site. This offer is valid through to Dec 31st, 2023.

Be sure to check out all the on-line tools offered by, most of which are free.

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