When you’re the person recording an actor perform ADR (post sync dialogue), having dedicated buttons to perform repetitive tasks can be the difference between capturing that magic performance, and losing it by making the actor wait while you get everything set up for the next take. For studios using EdiPrompt, we now have a way of mapping physical buttons to application functions that is easy to set up and elegant to use.

With the release of EdiPrompt v3, support has been added for the Elgato Stream Deck. Together, we have created a free plugin, available on the Stream Deck store, that contains pre-defined actions to control all commonly used ADR record functions.

Stream Deck device

Once the plugin is installed in the Stream Deck app, simply drag-and-drop the actions required from the action list into each cell. No further configuration is required.

Stream Deck App

Stream Deck app containing EdiPrompt actions

The actions allow you to navigate the EdiPrompt Cue List, trigger a locate, rename and locate or bypass the selected cue, as well as trigger the EdiPrompt Hot Keys and Pro Tools transport commands to preview, record and stop/play.

The other major updates in EdiPrompt v3 is a new preferences tab that allows you to select which audio output the Cue Beeps and Take Speech is sent to. EdiPrompt can now import the ADR cue data from Netflix TTAL files, plus it has been updated for macOS Ventura, and also natively supports Apple Silicon macs.

Full list of what’s new in v3

  • Integration with Elgato Stream Deck
    • Created 'EdiPrompt' plugin. Available in Stream Deck store: Plugins > Audio
    • Added key commands to Cue List menu for Stream Deck commands
    • Cue List scroll position now follows list navigation keys
  • New preference tab to select audio output devices
    • Select where to send Cue Beeps and Take Speech
    • Compatible with Pro Tools Aux I/O ports (PT2022.9+)
  • Import cue data from Netflix TTAL files
    • Create character MIDI files from TTAL data to load into the Cue List window and Pro Tools for ADR recordings
  • Changes for macOS Ventura
    • Take Speech updated for new voices provided by macOS
    • Pro Tools control script updated for new System Settings window
    • Tweaked position of controls to work with new look of macOS
    • Updated 'Login Items' code when getting EdiPrompt to auto start up
  • Compatible with ARM (Apple Silicon) macs by providing a universal binary app
  • Can now double-click Marker # column in Cue List window to display text of the line field in the overlay while Pro Tools isn't running
  • Bug fix to support HUI MIDI controllers when using hardware ports
  • Fix to read and write files with names containing non-ASCII characters
  • Fix so the in-app 'Check For Update' text information is shown again
  • New preferences file is saved. If not found on startup, preferences are loaded from the EdiPrompt v2 file

To try EdiPrompt v3 for yourself, download the installer from the Download page. Once installed, run it and click ‘Try’ to activate a three day trial license.

NOTE: EdiPrompt v3 requires macOS 10.12+, Pro Tools 12.6+.

For existing EdiPrompt full license holders, an upgrade from v2 can be purchased from our web store. To transition to the new version, EdiPrompt v3 licenses can activate EdiPrompt v2.4.6. Rental and EDU bundle license holders do not need to upgrade as these licenses automatically run both versions.

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