EdiLoad v5 has been released with some great new features. Now supporting Apple Silicon processors, the main update for EdiLoad v5 has been the addition of the new assembly window.

EdiLoad v5 Assembly Window
EdiLoad v5 Assembly Window

This window simplifies the process of assembling location WAV files to match the sound edits in a picture edit, while presenting all channels recorded on location, ready for dialogue editing. It also contains new settings to customise which channels are exported, by name or whether they contain any audio, and provides a way to fix sub-frame sync errors when picture edit systems have aligned WAV files on a frame edge that do not start on a frame edge.

The assembly window can export a Pro Tools session file linked to mono or poly WAVs and an AAF file linked to mono WAVs. So now dialogue editors working on any DAW can take advantage of this new workflow and Pro Tools users no longer need a Pro Tools ultimate license for this process as EdiLoad no longer requires the field recorder workflow functions.

For a demonstration on how to assemble location WAV files with this new window see this blog post.

The other main updates in EdiLoad v5 are to allow EdiLoad to export Picture Cut and Scene Change tracks as PTX files containing clip groups, re-instating the option to import PTX files with the option to load either the user or original timestamps, and Scene Change tracks can now be created as a marker track containing cycle markers in Nuendo.

Here's a video demonstrating the highlights of what's new in version 5.

EdiLoad v5 - New Features (Durn: 09:02)

Complete list of what's new in v5:

  • General
    • macOS build is now a universal binary app (Native Intel and ARM64)
    • PTX files can be imported directly into the main window to load user or original timestamps
    • EdiLoad edit lists, AAFs or FCP7 XMLs can now be appended. See the new 'Append' toolbar button and File > Append menu
    • AAF and XML video tracks are now flattened correctly for main window loads
    • Multiple video layer EDLs can now be loaded into the main window simultaneously to create a flattened video list
    • Added new 'Scene No' and 'Take No' columns which load data directly from AAF and XML files
    • The Scene Change Track window now requires scene numbers in the 'Scene No' column
    • Added the 'Extract Scene and Take Numbers' window to extract this data from Clip Names
    • Added new 'Batch Update File Names' window
    • Export Picture Cut Track now exports a PTX file containing clip groups for one or more tracks
    • The Scene Change Track window now exports a PTX file contain clip groups or it can create a new marker track in Nuendo containing cycle markers
    • Added 'Find' field to the main window to search for data in the current edit list
    • Added Undo and Redo for changes made to the edit list in the main and new assembly windows
    • Updated the Pro Tools re-conform code for compatibility with PT2022.6+ on macOS
    • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements
    • EdiLoad v5 stores its preferences in a new file, so EdiLoad v4 can be used in tandem
    • EdiLoad v4.0.4 can be run with an EdiLoad v5 license
  • New Assembly window features
    • Link location WAV files to an edit list to export all WAV channels in a PTX or AAF file (does not require the Pro Tools Ultimate field recorder workflow functions)
    • Set the match criteria that links the edit list fields with each WAV file
    • Fix NLE sub-frame alignment errors
    • Only export WAV channels that contain audio or have a specific name
    • Select from one of six track layouts
    • Assemble WAV files with various frame rates in the one export
    • Customise naming of exported clips and tracks
    • Export PTX files for Pro Tools linked to poly or mono WAV files
    • Export AAF files for any DAW linked to mono WAV files
  • WAV File List window
    • PTX files can now be exported linked to mono and poly WAV files
    • WAV files with multiple sample rates can be loaded
    • Updated the 'Find Dupes' function to:
      • Find duplicate WAVs that are identical
      • Find WAVs with duplicate names
      • Find unique WAVs with duplicate names
  • Column Transfer window
    • Added support for the new 'Scene No' and 'Take No' columns
    • Added new 'modify' items to "Remove Text Items" anywhere, at beginning, or end of a field
    • Added 'Ignore file extension' checkboxes to 6x 'modify' tabs so that the end of a filename can be modified without altering the extension
    • Added 'Append Data' checkbox to append text to data that is already present in a column


I wish to thank all EdiLoad users and beta testers who have been using pre-release versions of EdiLoad during the past year and provided valuable feedback.

For more information on EdiLoad, see the EdiLoad product page.

To try EdiLoad v5 for yourself, download the installer from the download page. Once installed, run it and click 'Try' to activate a three-day trial license.

To upgrade an EdiLoad v3 or v4 license, visit our web store and purchase the applicable upgrade.

NOTE: EdiLoad v5 requires either macOS 10.12+ or Windows 8+

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