EdiLoad v4 has been released with a swag of timesaving new features. Now 64-bit and compatible with macOS Catalina, the main update for EdiLoad has been to provide the option to import AAF and FCP7 XML files (XMLs designed for Final Cut Pro 7 and now exported by Adobe’s Premiere Pro). These files can be imported into the main window, when you are exporting conform reference tracks for example, or they can be imported into the compare window when comparing edit lists for picture changes.

I wish to thank all EdiLoad users and beta testers who have been using pre-release versions of EdiLoad during the year and provided valuable feedback.

Here’s a brief and in-depth video demonstrating some of the new features:

EdiLoad v4 - New Features (Durn: 11:22)

What's new in EdiLoad v4:

  • 64bit app with a user interface that is macOS dark mode and HiDPI compatible
  • Option to import AAF files and FCP7 (Premiere Pro) XML files into the main and compare windows
  • Ability to import up to 99 audio tracks into the main window with new 'Source Frame Count', 'File Name' and 'Info' columns
  • Fix for compatibility with Pro Tools 2020.3+. Required when re-conforming sessions at 29.97 FPS
  • Switch from exporting PTX files to AAF files for all clip-based exports
  • New 'Update Data' window to update the timecode values in a Text or Excel file when picture changes occur
  • New List menu item to remove sections in an edit list that are covered by an EdiLoad change list
  • New List menu item to move selected events to a new track
  • New List menu item to ripple defined tracks to the lowest possible track selection
  • New List menu item to fix 00:00:00:00 source in timecodes with an alternate EDL
  • New List menu item to select all events with no WAV File Name
  • New 'EDL Save Format' menu item to lock the format during every import
  • New 'Column Transfer' window Modify options to convert YYMMDD dates to 11Y11M11 dates and vice versa
  • New 'Text Encoding' preferences to allow load and save of text files with non-English text
  • New process menu item in Match Roll Name and Match File Name windows to delete all events that don't contain a match in both windows
  • Dropping an EdiLoad project file onto the main window or app icon will now open the compare window and load the project into it

For more information on EdiLoad, see the EdiLoad product page.

To try EdiLoad v4 for yourself, download the installer from the download page. Once installed, run it and click 'Try' to activate a three day trial license.

NOTE: EdiLoad v4 requires either macOS 10.10+ or Windows 8+, while EdiLoad v4 licenses require a 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or sharable iLok license.

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