EdiLoad Re-conforms with Pro Tools 2022.4

New in Pro Tools 2022.4 is the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' window. This window allows you to assign custom keyboard shortcuts, or key combinations to a Pro Tools function or command. The default keyboard shortcuts that ship with Pro Tools 2022.4 are different to the shortcuts that Pro Tools used in the past. With Pro Tools 2022.4 the EdiLoad re-conform function is broken, as Pro Tools is now expecting different shortcuts to what EdiLoad has always sent to Pro Tools in the past.

While Avid is looking into this issue, we have found a work-around for macOS users by changing two keyboard shortcuts. This update should only be used while you are running an EdiLoad re-conform. For Windows users we recommend staying with Pro Tools 2021.12.


Updating Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS

Select the menu item: Setup > Keyboard Shortcuts… to open the new Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts window. In the search field enter 'with all auto' to display the following functions:


Keyboard Shortcuts window

Keyboard Shortcuts window on macOS showing default settings


The key combinations for the commands 'Copy with All Automation Playlists' and 'Cut with All Automation Playlists' need to be updated. Double-click the 'Key Combination' field and press the following key combinations on the keyboard.


Keyboard Shortcuts window

Keyboard Shortcuts window on macOS showing work-around settings


The settings above will allow EdiLoad to re-conform your Pro Tools session.

Once your re-conform is complete, make sure to set these keyboard shortcuts back to their default settings by clicking the Reset buttons. We have noticed that this is required else other copy and cut functions will not work as expected. For example, with the work-around set, the clip name field will also require the modified copy and cut key combinations rather than the standard macOS Command + C/X, thereby breaking the EdiCue function that gets and sets the name of a clip while creating ADR cues.


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