Since releasing EdiCue v1 nearly 12 years ago to the day, I’ve received an abundance of user feedback and feature requests for the application. As I live in Australia, I would implement an update while clients slept, where possible, so they could wake up to an email containing a link to download a pre-release version. Other requests required extra patience.

As this list grew steadily over time, these updates created a patchwork of settings in the application with no room to add new features. On top of this, because the PDF layouts were fixed, adding new fields or allowing for changes became difficult to manage. What EdiCue really needed was what a lot of users had been asking for, the option to personally design the layouts of the PDFs it created.

Enter EdiCue v3

Starting with a 64-bit app, and a clean slate, the new EdiCue main window has been created. All of the old EdiCue v2 preferences and settings have been reorganised onto new settings tabs and stored in a new production settings file. A PDF layout list and band designer window has been added, along with custom controls to address the long list of feature requests. During the development, macOS dark mode was integrated and AAF exports were added to replace the old 32-bit PTX session code.

I’m proud to present EdiCue v3. It’s been an honour to work with some of the industry’s top supervisors and dialogue editors, and I trust that I’ve hit the mark with this update. Many thanks for all the suggestions and for my beta testers for nudging me to add those final tweaks.

EdiCue v3 - New Features  (Durn 8:33)

What’s new in EdiCue v3

  • 64-bit app with a user interface that is macOS dark mode and HiDPI compatible
  • PDF layouts can now be customized in the PDF Layout List and Band Designer:
    • Choose what fields are displayed, e.g. TC/Footages, Start/End/Duration.
    • Customize how each object is displayed - color, size, bold, alignment, etc.
    • Add pictures and logos to PDF headers.
    • Select orientation (portrait or landscape) for every PDF layout.
  • Controls to style the ADR cue 'Line' text to bold, italic, underline or set the color of the text
  • A new ‘Segment’ list that provides a way to cue multiple episodes or reels in the one Pro Tools session. The segment list also allows you to:
    • Set a unique segment number for each segment, e.g. Ep301, Ep302, Ep303...
    • Set a different picture version number for each segment.
    • Use the segment number and picture version number in the exported file names, cue numbers and PDF file data fields.
  • The option to export PDFs with editable fields:
    • Set the ADR cue ‘Line’ field to be editable so TBW PDFs can be edited. Edited PDFs can then be loaded back into EdiCue to create a cue session with just the updated lines.
    • Add a large editable label on the Engineers PDF below each cue so notes can be taken during the record session by typing text into the PDF.
  • New ADR cue field: ‘BVox’ (Breaths and Vocals). When checked, BVox cues can be assigned a shorter record time and appear separately in the ADR Summary.
  • The ADR summary can now contain ‘Reason Categories’ to show sub-totals for each character by category, e.g. Tech, Prod, Alt Vers.
  • New 'token' setting fields to customise the contents of the exported filenames and cue numbers
  • Updated Import ADR Data window to automatically align the destination fields
  • Production settings file can now be stored locally, on an external drive, or on a network drive.

For more information on EdiCue, see the EdiCue product page. This page also includes a full set of demo videos.

To try EdiCue v3 for yourself, download the installer from the download page. Once installed, run it and click ‘Try’ to activate a three day trial license.

NOTE: EdiCue v3 requires either macOS 10.10+ or Windows 8+, while EdiCue v3 licenses require a 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok or sharable iLok license.

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