Users of all of our currently released applications* now have the freedom to run our apps with iLok Cloud. This means users at home, in the studio, or anywhere with an internet connection can use their licenses, or trial one of our apps, without the need for an iLok USB dongle.

This has been a much-requested feature, especially for those wanting to trial our apps. We’ve finally been able to enable this now that all of our apps have been updated and the licensing for the current major versions was configured to do this.

To initiate iLok Cloud you need to create a local iLok Cloud Session. Open iLok License Manager, log into your account and select File > Open Your Cloud Session.

Open ILok Cloud Session

An iLok account can only have one open Cloud Session, so hardware iLoks will still be required for users that have multiple licenses in an account that need to be distributed over multiple computers. Also note that when applications are being authorized from an iLok Cloud session, the internet needs to be connected continuously for the application to keep running. If your license is on an iLok USB key it will need to be moved back to your iLok account before it can be used in a Cloud Session. For more information on how to use or set up iLok Cloud, see the FAQ page. For general iLok information see our About iLoks page.

* iLok Cloud is supported by the following application versions: EdiCue v4.1.1+, EdiPrompt v3+, EdiLoad v5+, EdiChart v4+ and EdiMarker v2+. It is not supported by EDU and rental licenses that were purchased or supplied before August 24, 2023.

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