We are pleased to announce that all of our iLok enabled applications can now be licensed using iLok Sharable Licenses. This allows our applications to be authorized from a license server on a local network, eliminating the need to have a physical iLok dongle connected to every computer running one of our applications.

Ideal for universities, schools and large facilities, sharable licenses provide a way of purchasing a single sharable license that contains two or more "seats". This license is stored on a physical iLok connected to the license server computer. Configured by the iLok License Manager application, the server then shares the seats of the sharable license to client computers on the local network when an application is run.

License server activating 4 copies (seats) of an application over a local network

Illustration showing a license server activating 4 copies (seats) of an application over a local network using a sharable license that can activate up to 25 seats. (Illustration courtesy of Pace Anti-Piracy Inc, used with permission)

The license server can be configured to share the licenses with anyone on the local network (public) or restricted by invitation only (private). To have one of our applications use a sharable license, simply run it without a iLok license attached. When it doesn’t find a license it will offer the option to look for a sharable license on the local network.

Sharable licenses are ideal for classrooms or large businesses where it is desirable to store valuable software licenses in a secure central server room, thereby eliminating the exposure of having multiple iLok dongles attached to computers in classrooms or multiple edit/mix rooms. Sharable licenses also allow for licenses to be easily shared between Pro Tools systems as demand varies between the systems.

For more information about iLoks and iLok licenses see our iLok information page. Sharable Licenses can be purchased from our web store.

Sharable Licenses are supported by the following application versions: 

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