Apple released its latest major update for macOS called macOS Monterey (12.0) on October 25, 2021. All our applications are now compatible with this major update.

The current versions of all of our applications are Intel x86-64 (64bit) applications. We are pleased to announce that we have completed testing our applications with macOS Monterey using Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. All our applications are compatible with macOS Monterey, using Rosetta on Apple Silicon Macs. 

Small updates were required for EdiCue and EdiMarker for compatibility. These have been released today in EdiCue v3.4.2 and EdiMarker v2.0.4.

We tested our applications with Pro Tools 2021.10. However, until Avid release a version of Pro Tools that is fully qualified with this version of macOS, we recommend where possible to hold off upgrading. For details check the Pro Tools Operating System Compatibility Chart.

The macOS Monterey compatible versions of our applications are as follows:

Application installers can be downloaded from our download page.

EdiApp Updates for Apple Silicon

On 27 April, 2022 we released EdiCue v4. This is our first application to provide native Apple Silicon support. All of our applications will run on an Apple Silicon Mac using Rosetta, but the following apps are the first version to be released that are Universal Binary builds that run natively on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.

For more information on Apple Silicon compatibility see our EdiApps macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon Compatibility Info blog post.

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