Creating a Sync Sound Edit List with EdiLoad

Have you worked on a show where the picture editor has edited an alternate take of dialogue for an on-screen line and not provided the original sync for the shot? Well to save time asking your editorial team for an AAF of the sync sound for these shots, you may be able to create this sync sound track yourself using EdiLoad and the Pro Tools field recorder functions.

New with EdiLoad v3.4.1 is the option to export an Avid Log Exchange (ALE) file from the WAV File List window.

EdiLoad WAV File List window

Using this file in combination with a picture EDL, for most productions, these will allow you to conform the location WAV files to create a sync sound track for all location shots of your film or television production.

Watch the following video to see exactly what is required and how you go about creating a sync sound edit list with EdiLoad.

Creating a Sync Sound Edit List with EdiLoad v3 (Durn 4:38)

Note: EdiLoad v3 exported conform reference tracks as a ptx file. With EdiLoad v4+ these are now exported as an AAF file.

I hope this video helps you to streamline your dialogue editing. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below.



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