Have you been given a folder of WAV files and wished there was an easy way of loading them into a Pro Tools session with them all located to their individual timestamps? Now with EdiLoad v3.4 you can do just this using it’s WAV File List window.

EdiLoad WAV File List window

Simply drop your WAV files or a folder containing WAV files onto this window and click ‘Export Session’.

If the WAV files contain channel metadata, EdiLoad will also provide the option to sort the channels by channel name and number as well as name the Pro Tools tracks by the WAV file channel name and number.

So if you’re an ADR editor looking for a way to spot all the takes of an ADR recording into your edit session, or you have location WAV files that you need to spot to their timestamps before editing or mixing, check out the following video.

Creating a Session with WAVs Spotted to Timestamps using EdiLoad v3 (Durn 10:01)

Note: EdiLoad v3 exported the timestamped WAV tracks as a ptx file. With EdiLoad v4 these are exported as an AAF file, while with EdiLoad v5+ these can be exported as a ptx or AAF file.

I hope this video helps you to streamline your editing and mixing workflow.

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