Creating a Scene Change Track in EdiLoad

Have you ever wished you could see where a scene starts and ends in your Pro Tools timeline? Now with EdiLoad v3.4 it’s even easier to generate a Pro Tools track containing clips showing where each scene starts and ends. You can also include the description of each scene within the clip name.

Scene Change Track shown in Pro Tools

This track can streamline the process of editing atmospheres, simplify selecting a range while applying mix automation for the duration of a scene, or automatically assign scene numbers and descriptions to ADR cues when using EdiCue.

Watch the following video to see how you can create one of these tracks with EdiLoad’s new ‘Create Scene Change Track’ window. 

Creating a Scene Change Track in EdiLoad v3 (Durn 8:54)

Note: EdiLoad v3 exported a scene change track as a ptx file. With EdiLoad v4 these are exported as an AAF file, while with EdiLoad v5+ they are exported as clip groups in a ptx file.

I hope this video helps you to streamline your editing and mixing workflow. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below.


Last modified on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 10:28
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