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About iLoks

All our applications use iLok licenses for authorization and require an iLok account. The licenses for all applications can be activated locally using an iLok smart key or an iLok Cloud session. Alternatively, for EdiCue, EdiPrompt, EdiLoad and EdiChart the application can be activated via the local network using a Sharable License (see below).

iLok USB Smart Keys

iLoks are portable USB devices that can contain licenses from multiple manufactures. For example, an iLok containing an EdiCue license can be used to authorize EdiCue running on a Mac or PC – wherever you go.

Original, 2nd and 3rd generation iLok USB Smart Keys
Original, 2nd and 3rd generation iLok USB Smart Keys

Licenses can be stored on either a 2nd or 3rd generation iLok. ILoks can be purchased from and most pro audio dealers.

iLok Cloud

iLok Cloud

As an alternative to using iLok USB smart keys, licenses can be activated to an iLok Cloud session using iLok License Manager (see below). Only one session can be created per iLok account, so this method cannot be used when account licenses need to be activated on multiple computers. Also, an application being authorized using this method will only run when there is an internet connection. Therefore, we recommend where possible to use an iLok smart key instead.

iLok Cloud is supported by the following application versions: EdiCue v4.1.1+, EdiPrompt v3+, EdiLoad v5+, EdiChart v4+ and EdiMarker v2+. It is not supported by EDU and rental licenses that were purchased or supplied before August 24, 2023. If you find your license cannot be activated to iLok Cloud, check the 'Valid Locations' graphic.

Graphic showing valid locations for a license
Graphic showing valid locations for a license

The first license indicates that it can be activated to a 2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok only, while the second license can also be activated to an iLok Cloud session. If your license isn't showing iLok Cloud as a valid location when it should, move the license to a USB iLok, right-click the iLok in the device list and select 'Synchronize'. This will update the license information stored in the local cache for this iLok and should then reflect the change we made to enable iLok Cloud for existing licenses.

For more information on how to use or set up iLok Cloud, see the FAQ page.

iLok System Requirements

To utilise this system, ensure you have installed the latest PACE ‘License Support’ software. This installs the iLok License Manager application as well as drivers that our applications require to run. Download the latest Mac/Win License Support installer from

Note: The PACE License Support software is automatically installed during a Pro Tools installation. 

Trial/Demo Information

All of our iLok enabled applications provide the option to activate a three day trial license when first run if a license is not found. Simply click 'Try' when the following window appears:

EdiLoad Try/Activate window
EdiLoad Try/Activate window

If you have redeemed a trial license and the above window continues to appear, open the iLok License Manager application (see below) and check if the trial license needs to be moved from your iLok account to a physical iLok or an iLok Cloud session.

To extend a trial, contact us and provide your iLok User ID (not the physical iLok number). 

iLok License Manager

Once the PACE 'License Support' software is installed, the iLok License Manager application can be found in the Applications (Mac)/Program Files (PC) folder.

OiLok License Manager application
iLok License Manager application

It can be used to redeem a license that is sent as an 'activation code', move a license from your iLok account to a physical iLok, or create an iLok Cloud session. If we have deposited a license into your iLok account, you will need to move it to a physical iLok or create an iLok Cloud session in order for one of our applications to see it and allow it to run. For more information, see the iLok License Manager page.

Sharable (Network) Licenses

EdiCue, EdiPrompt, EdiLoad and EdiChart* have the ability to use a special type of license that can be shared across a local network. Sharable licenses are configured using iLok License Manager on a network computer to act as a server and share these licenses to other (client) computers on the network. Only sharable licenses with more than one seat assigned can be shared on a network and are stored on an a physical iLok connected to the server.

License server activating 4 copies (seats) of an application over a local network
Illustration showing a license server activating 4 copies (seats) of an application over a local network using a sharable license that can activate up to 25 seats. (Illustration courtesy of Pace Anti-Piracy Inc, used with permission)

Connecting a client computer to a license server is simplified using Zero Configuration standards. Varied levels of privacy are supported so that the license network can be made private or public (to the local network). Sharable licenses are ideal for classrooms and large businesses that require a robust license sharing system.

Sharable licenses also require a perpetual license for iLok License Server to be present on the server iLok. This license provides the option to distribute sharable licenses from any vendor using iLok License Manager, and can be purchased from our web store.

For more information see the iLok License Server Administrators Guide, and for license users, see the iLok License Manager Manual.

* Sharable Licenses are supported by the following application versions: EdiCue v2.8.0+, EdiPrompt v2.3.0+, EdiLoad v3.4.1+ and EdiChart v3.1.0+

Purchasing and Authorization

EDI software can be purchased from the Sounds In Sync webstore. Following purchase, an Activation Code is displayed and emailed to the address provided. Click the activation link to redeem the license at or open iLok License Manager, select Licenses > Redeem Activation Code and paste the code into one of the boxes. The license can then be transferred onto a physical iLok or an iLok Cloud session to authorize your software.

Note: The above can be performed on any Mac or PC connected to the internet.

Current License Information

To see the type, location and possible end date/time of the license an application is using, select the 'About' menu.

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