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After more than 10 years of operation we are pleased to announce that the EdiTrace website has been rebuilt in the form of our new Mac/Win application EdiLoad v3. As part of this update the EdiTrace website has closed down. EdiLoad v3 contains all the functionality of the EdiTrace website and much more.

EdiLoad v3 is a major update to our already successful conform/re-conform application that now contains a compare window. This new window contains the 'trace' code that was used in the EdiTrace website along with enhancements to allow for batch imports, VFX tracing and a whole lot more. See the EdiLoad product page for more information and demo videos.

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EdiLoad v3.2.3 update (Oct '15)
  • Changes to Pro Tools re-conform function for compatibility with PT12 on OS X
  • Compatibility with PT10 + PT11/12 co-installs
  • Tweaks to load and match code for ALE files
  • New streamer durations when exporting MIDI files with a streamer track
  • Fix to export correct number of MIDI notes when exporting a MIDI file
  • Various text fields updated to allow entry of non-English characters
  • New checks for systems running in languages other than English
  • Minor update to compare of EDLs when events aren’t running at 100% speed

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