Application Updates

EdiCue v2.7.3 update (Dec '16)

  • Changes to Char and Dept ID generation during print/export. When no IDs are set unique IDs are generated.
  • New code for Windows builds while sending and getting clip data from Pro Tools clips to make sure EdiCue finds Pro Tools.
  • Additional preference to display or hide ADR Studio Directory information on ADR Summary forms.
  • Option to duplicate cues imported from delimited text files that are assigned to multiple characters.
  • When ADR Cue data is imported, if the data isn't sorted by character and time, character names are sorted alphabetically first.
  • During print/exports from PT text files, the MIDI start timecode defaults to the start timecode set in the PT text file.

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EdiPrompt v2.2.3 update (Nov '16)

  • Fix to allow EdiPrompt to play beeps to a virtual output like Source Nexus Pro
  • Minor compatibility change for macOS Sierra

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EdiLoad v3.4.0 update (Jul '17)

  • Process Hi Frame Rate edit lists including re-conforms of Pro Tools sessions
  • Select which EDL tracks to load and compare in Compare window
  • Added new WAV File List window to Export WAV files as a Pro Tools session with files spotted to timestamp
  • Added Create Scene Change window to process edit lists and export a Pro Tools session within a single window
  • EDL data can now be imported and exported as a MS Excel file

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EdiChart v3.0.3 update (Apr '16)

  • Changes to allow import of Pro Tools text files that have been created from PT12.4+ of selected tracks only
  • Several small bug fixes and updates of old code

NOTE: This version of EdiChart will only run with iLok licenses. To upgrade version 1 or 2 serial numbers, go to our web store and purchase an EdiChart v3 upgrade.

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EdiMarker v1.4.1 update (Aug '16)

  • Contains bug fix to allow creation of markers in MIDI files when located above 20 hours @ 30FPS

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