About Pace iLoks


iLoks are a portable USB device that can contain licenses from multiple manufactures. For example, an iLok containing an EdiCue license can be used to authorize EdiCue running on a Mac or PC – wherever you go.

Original and 2nd generation iLok USB Smart Keys
Original, 2nd and 3rd generation iLok USB Smart Keys

Licenses can be stored on either an original, 2nd or 3rd generation iLok, depending on the application. Currently EdiPrompt, EdiLoad and EdiChart require a 2nd or 3rd generation iLok, but in the future all of our iLok applications will require a 2nd or 3rd generation iLok to run. For more information on iLoks see the iLok.com iLok License Manager page.

ILoks can be purchased from www.ilok.com, www.avid.com and most pro audio dealers.

iLok System Requirements

To utilise this system, ensure you have installed the latest PACE ‘License Support’ software. This installs the iLok License Manager application as well as drivers that our applications require to run.

Download the latest Mac/Win License Support installer from www.ilok.com

Trial/Demo Information

EdiCue, EdiPrompt, EdiLoad and EdiChart provide the option to activate a three day trial license when first run. To extend a trial, contact us and provide your iLok user ID. EdiMarker is a fully functional freeware application. 

Purchasing and Authorization

EDI software can be purchased from the Sounds In Sync webstore. Following purchase, an Activation Code is displayed and emailed to the address provided. Click the activation link (if provided) to redeem the license at www.ilok.com or open iLok License Manager, select Licenses > Redeem Activation Code and paste the code into one of the boxes. The license can then be transferred onto a physical iLok to authorize your software.

Note: The above can be performed on any Mac or PC connected to the internet.


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