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Latest Pro Tools and OS Compato Info

We are pleased to announce that the current release of applications are compatible with Pro Tools 12, Mac OS X 10.11 ("El Capitan") and Windows 10. These are as follows:

Note however that the current version of Pro Tools (v12.3.0) is yet to be qualified to run on Windows 10


Latest App Updates

EdiLoad v3.2.3 update (Oct '15)
  • Changes to Pro Tools re-conform function for compatibility with PT12 on OS X
  • Compatibility with PT10 + PT11/12 co-installs
  • Tweaks to load and match code for ALE files
  • New streamer durations when exporting MIDI files with a streamer track
  • Fix to export correct number of MIDI notes when exporting a MIDI file
  • Various text fields updated to allow entry of non-English characters
  • New checks for systems running in languages other than English
  • Minor update to compare of EDLs when events aren’t running at 100% speed

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EdiPrompt v2.1.0 update (Dec '15)
  • Contains changes to the way text is pasted into Cue List window 'Line' field to remove illegal characters
  • Bug fix in overlays to stop memory leak that could cause EdiPrompt v2 to crash after several hours
  • Check for invalid fonts while building font menus during startup

For a full list of EdiPrompt v2 features and updates see here. EdiPrompt v1 license holders can purchase an upgrade to version 2 from our web store

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EdiCue v2.7.0 free update (Oct '15)
  • Option to export ADR cue data as a CMX3600 EDL for each character. This can be loaded into EdiLoad to generate a Pro Tools cue session track when cue data has been imported from a 3rd party app
  • Compatibility with PT10 + PT11/12 co-installs
  • Ability to load ADR cue data from InqScribe which logs timecodes as hh:mm:ss.ff
  • Fix to Session Interface spell checker to allow for left/right single and double quotation marks
  • Changes to ADR data import to fix bugs with data update windows
  • Minor change to load Reel/Ep numbers correctly from Pro Tools session name
  • Changes to validation of various text fields to allow entry of non-English characters

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EdiMarker v1.4.0 update (Nov '15)
  • Option to load Marker files from Reaper v4+ for import into Pro Tools
  • Auto sort by timecode while importing text files when required
  • Compatibility for OS X retina displays

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