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Updates for OS X Yosemite and Pro Tools 11.3/12

We are pleased to announce that the current release of applications are compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 ("Yosemite") and Pro Tools 11.3. These are as follows:


They are also compatible with Pro Tools 12 apart from the OS X version of EdiLoad which currently is unable to re-conform Pro Tools sessions.


Latest App Updates

EdiLoad v3.2.2 update (Mar '15)
  • New Source/Target selection code in Compare Window for quicker re-fresh and display of selection in group rows
  • Changes to PTX and PTF file definitions to stop EdiLoad opening session files when double clicked in OS X
  • Bug fix to stop crash when loading multiple EDLs into compare window that contain a 'Load' error

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EdiCue v2.6.2 free update (Jun '15)
  • New preference on PDF tab to print full engineer cue numbers on Actor, Director, TBW and All Fields Char/Time forms
  • Bug fix to assign correct character to cues when a Start/End TC range is set. Bug appeared in v2.6.0
  • Two minor updates to PDF script loading to improve detection of character text and scene descriptions
  • New messaging at end of print run when using custom cue numbers and cue numbers imported from data files

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